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    I'm a multimedia journalist and editor specializing in geopolitics, human rights, and identity politics.


    Based in Canada, I write political analyses and feature articles in both English and French for several publications including Al Jazeera English, The Huffington Post, Slate, Embassy Magazine, a weekly Canadian foreign policy newspaper, and others.


    Some of the topics that I've covered include the integration of Roma in Southern Europe, the EU Asylum Policy, Taiwan’s small Muslim minority, statelessness and international law, Greece’s rise of extreme right amid the country’s economic crisis, and Syria’s beleaguered Christian community.


    I'm also a freelance writer at The Economist, a certified data journalist, infographic researcher, and scriptwriter at Visual.ly, a former assistant editor at Finding Roots of Capitalism through Environmental Reporting, a project presented at the 2015 World Resources Forum in Davos, and a former digital content editor at the Organic Solutions in Global Food Affairs project presented at the 2014 World Economic Forum in Davos.




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    The European Union is at a crossroads between facing more divisions and hostilities on the one hand, and working towards the integration of various heritages into the creation of a unified identity on the other.

    (Photo: Institute for Cultural Diplomacy)

    Politheor / The Huffington Post

    It is urgent for national governments to establish frameworks through which victims of discrimination can become aware of their rights and receive fair remedy.

    (Photo: EU Observer)


    The European Union, which started a process of legitimizing itself as an Arctic actor, and created a basis for its own foreign policy in the Arctic in 2008, was once again denied the status of full Arctic Council observer.

    (Photo: US Government)

    Politheor / The Huffington Post

    A growing and significant partner for the European Union, Russia has also often played a double game aimed at destabilizing the Old Continent and continuing its policy of balkanization within the EU.

    (Photo: CyprusMail 2015)

    Politheor / The Huffington Post

    It’s a problem of responsibility. For more than a decade, EU Member States and EU institutions have combined their efforts to draft a EU Asylum Policy that would tackle the migration issue, and allocate the responsibility to process asylum cases on the principle of responsibility-shifting, rather than responsibility-sharing. 

    (Photo: EU Observer)

    Al Jazeera English

    Taiwan's small Muslim minority tries to redefine its identity as a new wave of migration reshapes Taiwanese society.

    (Photo: Radu Diaconu)

    Slate Magazine


    Dans la Belle Province, le débat fait rage sur une «Charte des valeurs québécoises» prohibant les signes religieux visibles dans la fonction publique.

    (Photo: Kevstan via Wikimedia Commons)


    The Huffington Post

    A successful reportage is like a delicate perfume. Finding the perfect combination of jasmine, musk, rose and others takes time; it is precise, abstract but also concrete. It can also involve various unknown ingredients and methods, but always requires dedication and patience. And if successful, the final synesthetic result is a pleasurable experience for the creator's and for the audience's senses.

    (Photo: AP)

    The Huffington Post

    Greece's state of democracy is at a crossroads. The country that gave birth to the Western model of democracy 4000 years ago is at the heart of a crisis, which is now affecting one of its main sources of information to the public.

    (Photo: Reuters/John Kolesidis)

    Le Huffington Post

    À première vue, l'idée de se retrouver sur une petite île de la Polynésie n'est pas tout à fait des plus déplaisantes. Mais pour Mikhail Sebastian, 39 ans, son séjour prolongé forcé aux Samoa occidentales est le récit d'une histoire bien moins onirique. Car Mikhail Sebastian est apatride. Il n'a pas de nationalité et par conséquent n'est protégé par aucun État.

    (Photo: Mikhail Sebastian) 

    Le Huffington Post

    Les chrétiens de Syrie se retrouvent aujourd'hui engloutis dans un gouffre social et politique où certains demeurent fidèles au gouvernement Assad pour assurer leur survie, tandis que d'autres auraient refusé les armes que leur proposait le gouvernement, pour choisir de se battre au côté de l'Armée syrienne libre ou bien encore se retrouvant soit déplacés dans leur propre pays ou bien dans les camps de réfugiés en Turquie, en Jordanie et au Liban.

    (Photo: Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

    The Huffington Post

    Les mélanges culturels francophones, anglophones et allophones, l'influence grandissante du franglais, ainsi que l'existence du joual - langue dérivée du français-québécois principalement parlée à Montréal et image de l'identité québécoise - ont redessiné le paysage culturel et linguistique du Québec, faisant de la séparation linguistique et de la recherche d'un unilinguisme total une bataille quasiment perdue.

    (Photo: Graham Hughes, La Presse Canadienne)

    Embassy Magazine

    Mali is in the middle of a civil war. But, it isn’t Canada’s war.

    For more than a year, conflicts between the central government and Islamist
    factions in Northern Mali including al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (Aqmi) and
    the Touareg-led Ansari Dine, have threatened the country’s stability. Last
    January 10, former colonial power France decided to intervene to support the
    local government after President Dioncounda Traoré publically asked for
    assistance to liberate the country from rebels.

    (Photo: Sergeant Matthew McGregor)

    The Concordian

    Greece’s democracy is at risk. 

    With the European Union and the International Monetary Fund imposing austerity measures in return for a bailout loan, the precarious social conditions in which Greeks now live and the implosion of the country’s political system have led many to think that a civil war could become the next reality.

    (Photo: AFP/Stringer)

    Concordia Magazine

    Research Centre in Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) studies gaming culture and explores modern ways of designing games.

    (Photo: Concordia University)

    Warehouse Magazine / Concordia Magazine

    From the impressionist paintings of Van Gogh and Monet to Warhol’s Pop Art; neon and pastel clothing to little black dresses; from picturesque natural landscapes to psychedelic mental images; from Little Red Riding Hood and Anne of Green Gables to A Clockwork Orange: colours surround and inspire us. They are an integral part of our culture, seeped into our everyday lives — although sometimes at subconscious levels.

    (Photo: EPA/Piyal Adhikary)

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